The GOP Debate Horrorshow — When Will Republicans Stop Embarrassing Themselves?

by Evert Cilliers aka Adam Ash

TrumpI watched the GOP debate, and was horrified. I started watching because I wanted to be amused by massive stupidity, but ended up being horrified.

Forgive me for the following rant, but someone has to express the righteous rage of an actual human being of common humanity at the current GOP horrorshow. Nobody in our media will do that for you. Molly Ivins is no longer with us. Don't expect a living political pundit to engage with our politicians on a basis of actual human feelings.

So here goes, my corrective to the usual political punditry.

Let me ask: is this what our politics has come to, when a once great party (Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Eisenhower) fields a big bunch of presidential contenders — eleven! — who are all of them such truly stupid and horrible people, they're unworthy of being humans, let alone politicians?

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The Donald Is Coming! The Donald Is Coming!

by Akim Reinhardt

Donald Trump, image from Salon dot comI've lost track already. During the past month, too many people to keep count of, each with a look of bemused panic in their eye, has asked me if I think Donald Trump has a chance. Knocked back on their heels by the frenzy surrounding Trump's recent surge, they implore me to tell them what I think.

Is it possible that this crude, bombastic display of runaway hair known as The Donald will actually succeed Barack Obama in the White House?

Alas, it's hard to blame these worry warts. Of late, the press marvels at Trump's soaring poll numbers, and ruminates endlessly on his success in spite of his obvious shortcomings and endless string of outrages, and what it says about American society and its broken political system.

From NPR to Ezra Klein, there's no shortage of media mavens trumpeting Trump and theorizing what his success means. Everyone seems to have an opinion. Or if they don't, they're desperate to find one. Confused by it all, The Atlantic went so far as to simply ask people why, oh why, do you support this man? Then, sans analysis, the magazine simply threw up its hands and published the responses.

Why, oh why indeed. Why is this barbarian at the gate? Why is this roaring, fatuous pig of a man on the verge of undressing our republic and claiming its highest office?

In looking for an answer, I believe we should not dig too deep. After all, Donald Trump doesn't seem to over think much, so we probably shouldn't over think him.

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