Let There Be Light

by Carol A Westbrook On the first day of creation, God said. “Let there be light,” according to the Bible. In most major religions, God creates day and night, the sun, or light itself on the first day. To the ancients, the sun was God Himself–the Egyptians had Ra, and the Aztecs, Huītzilōpōchtli.There is something divine…

Where in the World Are You?

by Carol A Westbrook “Drive east 6 blocks and then turn right, and you’ll be there,” I told my son. He answered, “Forget it. I don’t know which way is east. I’ll just use my GPS.” I was incredulous. How could any native Chicagoan not know where east is located–toward Lake Michigan, of course! How…

Halting the Drug Overdose Crisis: A Doctor’s Prescription

by Carol A Westbrook “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning” has been replaced by “Here’s a bottle of oxycodone. Don’t call me for a month.” Two million Americans are addicted or dependent on opioid drugs. Last year, 72,000 of them died of overdoses, usually by accidentally taking too high a dose of…

We Are All Immigrants

On Labor Day we celebrate the contributions of the hard-working people who helped build our nation. Many of them were immigrants who fled war, religious persecution, and poverty. As a matter of fact, most of us have immigrant root; ironically, this this is one of the most defining aspects of being American.

Why We Should Repeal Obamacare and not Replace It with Another Insurance Plan: Thinking Out of the Box for a Health Care Solution

We have yet to come to terms with the recognition that we all pay for everyone else’s health care in some way or another. We might as well own up to this and make health care a reality for all. I propose that we re-think the entire concept of how we provide health care in this country.

The Little Engine(ering School) That Could

It’s different for college grads today than it was when I went to school. Life after graduation is not at all certain, and college grads may not be settled in a career until they are close to forty! King’s College plans to offer an engineering baccalaureate. Will it make a difference to the job prospects, and to the community?

Better Things for Better Living Through Chemistry: Seven Better Products We Didn’t Need But Now Can’t Live Without

Here is my list of products that chemistry has improved that we didn’t need but now can’t live without, such as Super Glue and Post-It-Notes. These are examples of how chemistry has fulfilled its promise to create better things for better living!