by Carol A Westbrook

Fall is almost over and, thankfully, so is homecoming season. I’ve never been to a college homecoming weekend, and hope I never have to go to one. I can sit through a football game, but I can’t abide the class reunion party.

Most people love reunions. Me… not so much. Especially school reunions.  There are those who look back longingly at their school years as the best time of their lives. Many keep in touch with their former classmates. They remember all of their friends, and who sat next to whom in 5th grade, that horrible gym teacher, and their high school crushes. They enthusiastically volunteer to organize the next reunion.  Reunions let them see how the drama of their school years finally played out. Did that really smart boy become a doctor? Who finally married my high school sweetheart? Is my old best friend is still the same?

I certainly enjoyed my school years, but they weren’t the best years of my life by any stretch. Frankly, I don’t remember much of my primary and secondary school years because I was happy to move on. I couldn’t wait to leave my sheltered background and enter the real world. Read more »