Photos for a Time of Fever

by Bill Benzon

Of course I would write about the COVID-19 pandemic. What else is there?

Two maybe three weeks ago I told myself, this changes everything. The next day I saw interviews and articles on that theme.

Everything will be different in two, three, years. Apocalypse. Singularity. Different. But what do I, what could I, know of that?

I’ve seen arguments that this cinches the election for Trump. Others argue that he’s finished. I’ve got a preference. But who knows?

I’ve got nothing to say.

Me? How’s it affecting me?

I’ve always been something of a hermit. For me, “social distancing” is business as usual, though the streets are all but empty when I go out to pick up a prescription or shop for groceries.

Just a day ago the local hospital, Hoboken University Medical Center, announced that they only have personal protective equipment for six days. That’s all too common.

People have died, many others are ill. Businesses have closed, jobs lost. Lives disrupted. How many more?

Still we must go on. Most of us.

There will be acts of kindness and mercy. Of indifference and cruelty. Sorrow and anger. Of blame. Heroism? Forgiveness?

Will we make a new and better world? Not immediately, instantly, easily.

What other choice do we have?


* * * * *

Note: Just to be clear, these are not photos I’ve taken in these last few weeks. They are just photos I’ve taken on this or that occasion. I offer then here simply to make the existence of our world in this fever season.