Improper Nouns

by Akim Reinhardt

I’ve met
Montanas, Dakotas, and Asias
Brooklyns, Chinas, and Indias
Roses and Irises, Lilys and Daisys
Porsches and Lexuses and Mercedes,
Persons turned to Places and Things

I’ve met
Mayas, Gypsys, and Cheyennes
People who were people they’ve never been

I’ve met
Aprils, Mays, and Junes
People defined and consigned to sunny times

I’ve met
Robins, Ravens, and Fawns
Summers, Autumns, and Dawns
People plucked unnaturally from nature

I’ve met
Jubilees and Joys
Faiths and Hopes
Charitys, Serenitys, and Flelicitys
People who were prayed upon

I’ve met
Hazels, Ebonys and Violets
Sapphires, Siennas, and Scarlets
People spilled upon pallets

I’ve met
Olives, Abrosias, and Bries
Candy and Cherrys
Gingers and Sherrys
Clementines, Cocos, Honeys
People gobbled and chewed up

I’ve met
Rubys and Pearls
Crystals and Jewels,
Jades and Goldies
Ambers and Pennys
People pocketed and paid for

No wonder they’re so easily called
Red Heads, Brunettes, and Blondes
Curvy, Skinny, and Fat
Big Titted, Fake Titted, and Flat
Ugly, Hot, and Okay
Bitch and Cunt
Whore and Slut

Instead of
Mother or Daughter
Sister or Wife
or Friend

So many women
labeled as exotic
tasty or erotic
So many women
told not to be women
told to be
calendars, colors, or stones
animals, flowers, or strangers
told to be something
Eaten or visited or tamed
Bought and sold as they’re named
For other people’s emotions
Dreams and devotions
Trinkets and Toys

But boys, it seems, will be boys

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