Monday Poem

The Buddha’s doctrine is thus proven:
nothing in this world is created.
……………. —(Octavio Paz, per Dharmakirti)

Same Difference

Nothing in this world is created,
said Buddha looking into a lotus bowl

Nothing is created

In this lotus filled to the brim
is nothing which has been created

Nothing is created

From the bottom of this lotus brimming with nothing
but filled with hope open as a door

Nothing is created

Nothing in Buddha’s lotus is created
This lotus has been overflowing always

Nothing is created

Something mounts the sky like a sun
in no time wave by wave ladened with light


When I woke this morning it was
flooding Bald Mountain lapping
its stone tower


When was it not created?
Could it have been


Buddha says
Nothing is created

Buddha is

What created creation?

or the

same difference


by Jim Culleny