Tarantulas on a Hovercraft?

Snakes_1One evening a few weeks ago my friend (and fellow 3 Quarker) Jed Palmer and I were sitting around in my living room, when we noticed an ad on TV for some sort of thriller starring Samuel L. Jackson. They didn’t announce the name of the movie until the very end of the 30-second spot, but when they did, Jed and I were left speechless by the audacious brilliance of it: Snakes on a Plane. One could write a book about that title (and maybe Jed will, or at least Asad could do a Dispatch about it!), but suffice it to say that Jed and I immediately made a date to see the movie on August 18th, the day it opens, and we were by no means alone in our appreciative anticipation of this exquisitely-named film. (How often is one driven to the theater by the title of a movie alone?) Before the movie has even been released, there are countless parodies which have been produced, like Frogs on a Helicopter, Gorillas on an Elevator, Kangaroos on a Taxi, etc., etc. Some are quite good. Sort of.

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