Prominent Israeli authors say oppose expansion of IDF assault

Shiri Lev-Ari for

S_m_1Acclaimed Israeli authors Amos Oz, A.B. Yehoshua, and David Grossman publicly stated their opposition Thursday to the cabinet’s decision to expand ground operations in Lebanon, calling for a diplomatic solution to the crisis based on the proposal put forth by Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora…The three men convened a joint news conference with reporters Thursday afternoon, a rarity in the world of Israeli literature, a few meters from the Defense Ministry compound at the Kirya in Tel Aviv. Later Thursday evening, Meretz and Peace Now are to stage a large demonstration in the vicinity.

“The literary people who are sitting here thought that Israel initiated a just war,” said the organizer of the joint briefing, Professor Nissim Calderon. “After yesterday’s cabinet meeting, they feel that the decision to widen the war is mistaken, and that [we] need to go from a military operation to a diplomatic operation.”

Yehoshua said Israel has reached a true crossroads. “No one is happy to go to battle,” he said. “We know that Israel doesn’t have its eyes set on conquerings. We were at the Litani River twice, and we don’t have any need to be there a third time. But now, there is an initiative by the prime minister of Lebanon which offers to deploy the Lebanese army all along the border with Israel.”

“Lebanon is our neighbor forever, it isn’t Vietnam nor is it some Soviet republic,” Yehoshua said. “Thus, there’s a need to be more careful with it, not to destroy it.” Yehoshua said he called upon the government to renew negotiations with the Palestinians.”

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