Wait a minute…

From Lens Culture:England

Since the mid-1980s, Joan Fontcuberta has used photography — and all of its contextual trappings — to sow strong doubt and distrust about the authority and veracity of photography itself and the multitude of media that rely on it.

What makes Fontcuberta (a life-long iconoclast) so effective and so engaging, is his sharp wit, biting humor, stinging intelligence, and seamless technique, with which he infuses all of his elaborate provocations. He is the author/creator of more than 20 books, most of which are, unfortunately, out-of-print. My personal favorites include The Artist and the Photograph, which “proves” that Picasso, Dali, Miro and other famous painters actually used photographs as the original source material for some of their greatest masterpieces. That work created a real shock and backlash from the art world, because so many people believed it was true.

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