Gems of 2005

From The Washington Post:

2006 “The Golden Years” are always some other time, aren’t they? They’re an idealized part of the past or a dreamed-of piece of the future when everything is just a little bit better. Food tastes more succulent, music sounds sweeter, movies actually move you and art transports you to another plane. But our critics think that 2005 had moments that were surprisingly golden. There were more than enough good films to fill a top 10 list. Artists continue to challenge and amaze. Musicians from a wide variety of genres delivered quality work that will outlast passing trends. Maybe 2005 wasn’t a golden year, but it definitely had its moments. Join us in a look back at some of the shinier ones.



Once again, the choices for the best 10 films of the year was an agonizing ordeal: So many choices, too few spots. Which is why you won’t see — but could easily have found — “Good Night, and Good Luck,” “Junebug,” “Syriana,” “Me and You and Everyone We Know,” “Crash,” “Mysterious Skin,” “Millions,” “Tropical Malady,” “Paradise Now” and “Frank Miller’s Sin City” on this list.

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