And Science for All

Steve Mirsky in Scientific American:

Puzzle_2 1. What’s the difference between RNA and the NRA?

2. It has been said that gravity is not just a good idea, it’s the law. Is gravity indeed the law? Is gravity indeed a good idea in a land of rampant obesity?

3. What’s the second law of thermodynamics? What’s the third law of motion? Who’s on first?

5. Do you believe in spontaneous human combustion, or do you refuse to answer on the grounds that you might incinerate yourself? (The kids, they love that one.)

6. In commenting on the death penalty, Justice Antonin Scalia said, “For the believing Christian, death is no big deal.” Is death, in fact, a big deal? And if death isn’t a big deal, why is murder?

7. Original Law and Order, or Law and Order: Criminal Intent?

And more:

11. If Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves Washington, D.C., heading west at 60 miles per hour and Justice Anthony Kennedy leaves Los Angeles heading east at 70 miles per hour, will they meet before Justice Clarence Thomas asks a question?

13. Would you use Microsoft Word to write an opinion in a case involving Microsoft?

14. In the recently concluded Scopes-like trial of Kitzmiller v. Dover School District, one of the defendants claimed not to know the source of the funds for 60 copies of an intelligent-design book, which he admitted to only having glanced through, for the school library. He was then confronted with his own canceled check. Should such a defendant face charges of perjury or, despite the Eighth Amendment implications, be forced to actually read the book?

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