Novel: A Living Installation at Flux Factory, Inc.

From The Old Town Review:

OTR is pleased to be collaborating with Flux Factory, Inc., on Novel: A Living Installation, by hosting the web logs of three writers, Grant Bailie, Ranbir Sidhu, and Laurie Stone, who are writing novels at a most unusual residency project. Look for the first entries to appear around May 14th, if not earlier. – Eds.

At 9pm on May 7th, 2005, three novelists will be enclosed within three individual habitats designed and constructed by three teams of architect/artists. For thirty days, this will be their reality. Nightly, they will dine together (courtesy of a revolving cast of chefs). Public readings of the novels-in-progress will be held every Saturday evening, with viewing hours throughout the week. In June, each writer will emerge from his or her habitat having completed a novel.

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