This Lesbian Monkey Love Triangle Tells Us Something Really Interesting about Darwin’s ‘Paradox’

Natalia Reagan in Scientific American:

A “Darwinian paradox” is that homosexual activity occurs even though it does not lead to or aid in reproduction. But if you visit three capuchin monkeys in Los Angeles, they’ll show you how beneficial their liaisons are.

Natalia Reagan: Animal Tracks Inc is located about 40 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. This animal sanctuary takes in former exotic pets and entertainment industry animals and gives them a new lease on life. The menagerie includes several capuchin monkeys, kangaroos, wolf hybrids, a baboon named Chrissy and my BFF, a six-banded armadillo called Frank the Tank.  And you might find something else at Animal Tracks.

That is the sound of a lesbian monkey love triangle: three monkeys, two species and one helluva love story. I’m Natalia Reagan, a primatologist and science comedian, and you’re listening to Science, Quickly.

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