Monday Poem

“Shu” is the single teaching of Confucius and “jen”
it’s counterpart.  Shu means reciprocity; jen is love,
kindness and goodness. T’ien is heaven.
  –Confucius and the Teaching of Goodness

Shu and Jen

Goodness came as two hearts and sat beside me.
“My name is Shu,” they said. At that moment
two birds flew through an open window generously wide
and, pointing, Shu said, “Jen.”

The two hearts of Shu, in duet, said,
“What can we do for you?”

The two birds of Jen sang,
“Looks like you need a friend.”

“The world is split in two, and so are you,” said Shu
“See the birds of Jen, she said? They feed each other and
so are free in T’ien

Think of me,” said Shu
and you may be free too.”

Jim Culleny, 6/18/11