From Smithsonian:

A colony of Baya Weaver were nesting in a tall Acacia tree in a forested area in Singapore. I focused my attention on a newly completed nest and waited for the return of its inhabitants, using a 600 millimeter telephoto lens and a fast shutter speed to “freeze” the image of the bird’s approach.

More here. (Note: Once driving from Islamabad to the Northern areas, we found a Baya nest. It had several entrances and many “rooms” tunneled into the intricately woven retort shaped architecture. My mother who had treasured one of these as a little girl was ravished. Watching the obvious delight she experienced upon this unexpected roadside re-discovery sent waves of joy coursing through my body as a little girl. Since then, I have had a special bond with Baya. How strange that even as I write this note, I am re-living that joy. Call it my Proustian madeleine moment or my Homecoming)