Sunday Poem

Letter to a Rainbow

Red to violet and each heart-sung
shade between, I beg you—
consider my position.

Remember how far from you
I am, sitting soaked in the puddles
of this well. Examine the way

your translucence changes the tone
of the world from each side—how
one winks through the rose of you

as another becomes your blue.
Oh, rainbow. I can no longer bear
to wear your greens, your indigo.

Having painted this entire truth,
forgive me, but I must revoke
my permission for you to speak

on my behalf. To arc as I arc, to fill a sky
with my possibilities. I know I cannot alter
your pattern. I know I cannot bend

your course. I admit, my revocation
is nominal at best, but sweet colors,
I beg you: consider my position.

by Emry Trantham
The Ecotheo Review