Sunday Poem

Un tornillo en el corazón (A screw in the heart)

…….. after @jacobsoboroff

don’t even know where to start.
you notice when you walk into the shelter — no joke —
a new war.
1,500 boys 10-17 here now
they’ve never had
here, ever.
migrant kids
they feel like animals in a cage
Kids here get only two hours outside in fresh air.
tonight 1469 boys will sleep here.
inside a prison
This place is a class about American history

by Lupe Mendez
Split This Rock

Note from the author:
This is an erasure poem, based on 17 tweets written by MSNBC journalist, Jacob Soboroff, on June 13th, 2018 as he visited and reported on the conditions of child migrants held at a detention center, Casa Padre, located in Brownsville, TX.