Friday Poem


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ShortMessageService is so 2two0thousand0and7seven.
I prefer MicroSoftNetwork, OKay
but only when you’ve got WirelessFidelity.

Every1one of you’ll get
AcquiredImmuneDeficiencySyndrome from
social networking, I
prefer my MovingPicturesexpertsgrouphyphenoneaudiolayer3three
player, it’s so compact.

My headphones nestled
within curls
rectilinear, charred and static,
I always use my GoodHairDays;
I remain faithful to the new religion.

My pal Ryan and I fly airily
away across the wasteland;
earth’s got cheap.

I’ll pick up a souvenir on the
UniversalSerialBus, some
SevereAcuteRespiratorySyndrome, and when I’m

hospitalised, they’ll get in
some visitors: amiable
to send me to zzzzzz

while my friend, Mister Brain
is being insouciantly fried
ears inwards;
by polyphonic microwaves with
toothy blue grins.

Editor’s Note: This poem was a winner of The Poetry Society’s
Foyle Young Poets of the Year award in 2009.