Inside Trends And Forecast For The $3.9T AI Industry

Lauren deLisa Coleman in Forbes:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nothing if not controversial. Whether the subject of scrutiny behind hair-raising advances in sex robots which was heavily reported the other week or the topic of the latest disgruntled executive voicing opinions about Elon Musk’s crusade against AI’s perceived perils, all eyes are on this new area in tech. While no one is yet absolutely sure of AI’s definitive path, one thing is certain. Value and expenditures pertaining to this area of emerging technology are on a definite upward curve. In fact, there is already a 70 percent growth in business value in AI just this far into 2018. This is clearly an area-to-watch. So, here’s how the rest of the year and beyond could take shape when it comes to the area of Artificial Intelligence. Derek Holt, a former IBM executive as well as former Managing Director of Business Development at Startup America Partnership, a public-private partnership with the White House believes the biggest play with be in healthcare:

Wellness Trend Data and Associated Care — “Gone will be the days of annual or bi-annual physicals as more and more of our wellness will be digitized,” explains Holt. “Both AI and Machine Learning will aid and empower the traditional medical field to unlock new preventative and early intervention care.”

Technology-Aided Caregivers — “Over the next 30 years, the number of caregivers available to take care of older adults and individual s living with disabilities is expected to decrease,” he continues. “Given this shortage, we’ll begin to see technology-aided caregivers emerge to help with day-to-day tasks that have become harder for older adults and individuals living with disabilities to complete.”

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