Tuesday Poem

Flower Instructions

Blanket streets with plum blossoms.
Rest body against warm concrete.
Find rose petals on sidewalk.
Glimmer of the memory garden.

Follow the trail of invisible bees.
Nectar guides for the lost ones.
Fling lasso into summer darkness.
Hear whistles and megaphone.

Hold body close to body.
Breathe in the greenhouse.
Wear wet glitter and silver hose.
Lick salt on skin.

Catch whispers in libraries.
Greet strangers with acorns and grapefruit.
Remember eyes, ghosts, smoke.
Watch brothers as they disappear.

Imagine a new world.
Keep sisters close.

by Maw Shein Win
from Sparkle & Blink, 2017

Editor's Note: Originally written for Megan Wilson’s Flower Interruption,
a public artwork in the Flower Power exhibition at the Asian Art Museum
of San Francisco (2017)