Sunday Poem

Let Us Play

Let’s dig tunnels.
Let’s build bridges.
Let’s get close
like clouds of midges.
What was under
Mr Brunel’s hat?
His love-letters
And his sandwidges.
Let us cross that big divide.
Let us go and coincide.
And with the space between deducted,
Let us mind what’s been constructed.

You provide the motion and I’ll start the debate.
You provide the provender and I’ll supply the napkin
and the plate.
Let’s combine this life of mine with your own
slender fate.
Let me elaborate.
Let’s be thick as thieves can be.
Let’s thicken up the ice and then entice
the world to skate.
You be narrow, I’ll be straight.
You be weight and I’ll be volume.
Let’s make a pair of zeros
make a bigger figure eight.
Let’s collaborate.

by John Hegley
from: Peace, Love and Potatoes
publisher: Serpent's Tail, London, 2012