5 Questions with Ali Eteraz, Author of Native Believer

Chris Carosi at City Lights:

CL: What’s the first book you actually finished reading?

ScreenHunter_1930 May. 08 02.35AE: I recently finished reading Molly Crabapple’s memoir, Drawing Blood, which is a fascinating intellectual history of the roaring decade that preceded the Second Great Depression. She has this wonderful way with dropping scintillating poetic lines in the middle of her description, like she was hit by inspiration. There is something very raw about that kind of writing that really appeals to me. I wish more people wrote like that. But if that was the case we’d have more Molly Crabapples and then she would have to fight them all to establish her supremacy and that’s not good.

I’m sorry, I just reviewed the question and it appears I misread it. That raises a second question, do you really want to hear about the reading habits of a person who can’t read?

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