Tuesday Poem

Thank You

Danke, merci, gracias
for the heat of the sun,
the kindness of teaching,
the smell of fresh bread.

Diolch, nkosi, shur-nur-ah-gah-lem
for the sound of sand,
children singing,
the book and the pen.

Dhannyabad, blagodaria, hvala
for the blue of small flowers,
the bobbing seal’s head,
the taste of clean water.

Shukran, rahmat, shukriya
for the stripe of the zebra,
the song of the chaffinch,
the gentleness of snails.

Mh goi, abarka, xièxiè
for the length of time,
the loveliness of eyelashes,
the arc of the ball.

Dziekuje, abrigado, shakkran
for the excitement of falling,
the stillness of night,
for my heart beating, thank you.

by Mandy Coe
from If You Could See Laughter
Salt Publishing, Cromer, 2011