Making the best of digital tech

Sonya Kurzweil in KurzweilAI:

Munchery-promo-oneIn what follows, I offer five tips on parenting and digital media from my experience of being a mom and child psychologist. In general, I am optimistic. Perhaps it is easier for me to be positive than for some people. I may have a bias as I am also a wife to a pretty well known inventor of computer technologies and have had a front row seat to many extraordinary computer inventions over nearly 40 years and counting. I think it is fair to say: I am familiar with the territories of which I speak.

Tip: Take advantage of helpful apps | Apps can free up time so you have more of it to spend with your kids. On a pragmatic note, there are apps that can help free up your time so that you have more of it to spend with your kids or for refueling yourself. For example, one app that is popular in my son’s household and among his friends enables parents to select menus by the week online. Once the selection is made, the service delivers all the ingredients for each meal, measured out and ready to cook. No daily figuring, shopping, or measuring. It’s all prepared. That could give you an hour or two extra each day.

(Plated | What is Plated? Fresh ingredients and gourmet recipes delivered to your door. You Choose. We Shop. You Cook. At Plated we offer 5 chef designed recipes every week. You choose which you’d like to cook and we deliver all the ingredients to your doorstep. We take the hassle out of grocery shopping and meal planning, giving you back time spent in the kitchen. Just cook and enjoy!)

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