Name-to-Know: Régime des Fleurs

Lauren Sherman in The Wall Street Journal:

AliaTHE SELF-TAUGHT NOSES behind new perfume line Régime des Fleurs refer to themselves as “lifetime fragrance geeks.” Ex-fashion stylist Ezra Woods, 30, was born into a family of florists, and Alia Raza, 36, formerly a filmmaker and video artist, often found herself inspired by perfume while dreaming up concepts for her work. The longtime friends both had a habit of obsessively researching perfumes and raw materials. About a year ago, they finally decided it was time to make their own. This spring, they introduced a range of six unique, beautifully bottled fragrances with highly romantic descriptions. Turquoise, for instance, a fruity floral, is said to evoke “a teenage Marie Antoinette gone abroad to India.”

…Still, Mr. Woods and Ms. Raza are in the midst of developing a more “conventional, scalable” secondary collection, which will bring them closer—but not too close—to the mass market. “We're really interested in other product categories, different types of personal care, apparel, home—even edible products,” said Mr. Woods. “We love the idea of making everything floral,” added Ms. Raza. “Why is there not jasmine chewing gum, and why don't I have gardenia toothpaste?”

More here. (Disclosure: Alia Raza is our niece)