Wednesday Poem

Dear Loretta, Mistress Mine

I am the jackal that lurks in your halls of freedom
I am the snake that slithers in your garden
I am the lion that roars in your neighboring hills

I have heard you singing as you went about your
daily tasks
I have watched you basking, browsing in the sun
I have watched your goings-in and goings-out

How I have longed for you, Loretta, Mistress mine
How my heart has ached for you
morning, afternoon and evening
But my desire is only to rob you of your innocence.

I have seen you lavish me with your smile
and I will lure you, Loretta, with my riches and guile
and leave you, Loretta, when I’ve
had my fill
and the jackal has picked the bones.

by Cosmas Mairosi
from Poetry International, 2006