Dennis Lehane: Proud, brokenhearted to be Bostonian

From Salon:

Dennis Lehane, who was born in Dorchester and whose many books set in and around Boston include “Mystic River,” posted this on his Facebook page.

Dennis_Lehane_BBF_2010_Shankbone_crop-479x412When I watch the footage of the first explosion, I look at the Boston Public Library Main Branch across the street, and I think no matter who they turn out to be–Islamic jihadists, home grown militia, neo-Nazis, something else–what really scares them, what they truly hate, is the access to knowledge that building exemplifies. Youngest victim is 8. Sigh. What can you do with that? If your “CAUSE” involves the death of kids, it’s not a cause, it’s a pestilence.

So proud to be a Bostonian tonight. So brokenhearted to be one, too.

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