Greetings, Friends!

Ian Frazier in The New Yorker:

ChrThe power’s back on! Let’s dry our socks,

And turn the volume down on Fox,

Mix up a vat of eggnog, brandied,

And fling a last Bronx cheer at Sandy.

Kick out the jams! Swing wide the gates!

… Dear friends, you have indulged our screed.

Please take the spirit for the deed.

Frost wrote of “poetry and power”—

We’re grateful just to shave and shower,

And sleep without four blankets on,

And read by Con Ed light till dawn.

Are we declining? We don’t think so.

Just teetering normally on the brink, so

Let’s link arms and raise a chorus

For all that we’ve got going for us.

The future, true, is trending hot.

We’re headed into who-knows-what.

But we’ll take heart this holy night

That work and love will make it right.

And now doze off with a soft “Hurrah!”

For the world, the Obamas, and the health-care law.

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