Humor Contest winners announced

From The Washington Post:

Humor%20copyThrowing a humor contest is like throwing a party: Immediately after you send the invitations, you start fretting about whether anyone will come. We needn’t have worried. After we launched the WP Magazine Humor Contest in July, a thousand people took fingers to keyboards (and pens to paper — there are eight Luddites still out there) and entered memoirs. More than a thousand tweeted jokes to us, and 156 sent photos.

Memoir winner: A Stroke of Luck?

It must be hard to feel like a winner when you grow up with the name Homer. But my dad, Homer — son of Greek immigrants and whose brother was Aristotle — always felt like a winner. When you always see the good side of things, I guess you do feel like a winner — and he always saw the positive in everything. Whatever we had, it was the best. Whatever deal he made in his real estate career, it was the best deal around. It’s a great way to grow up and a great way to live. But when he had a stroke while we were vacationing in Ocean City when he was 75, it was hard to see the positive.

He woke up one morning and couldn’t talk.
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