Artist Turns Dead Cat Into Remote Controlled Helicopter

Some of you may remember that I have been obsessed with cats and radio-controlled helicopters for some time. Now, someone has combined those two things in a way that even I could not have imagined before I saw it, thanks (I think) to my friend James McVinnie. Plus, through pure synchronicity, this post seems to somehow connect (maybe in a terrible way) with the one before it (the poem).

This is from Taxi:

Some people choose to bury or cremate their pets, or maybe even stuff them—but not Dutch Bart Jansen, who turned his dead feline into a remote controlled helicopter, called the ‘Orvillecopter’.

Named after his cat ‘Orville’, that was killed by a car—Jansen used its outstretched body as the frame for the Ovillecopter—attaching rotors to each of the cat’s paws and a power source under its belly—creating the first ever remote-controlled ‘cat-copter’.

According to Jansen, he said that Orville has achieved the “greatest goal a cat could ever reach”—flying with the birds.

Innovative or morbid? You be the judge!

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