Frederica Krueger and the Eflite Blade mCX

I've recently become obsessed with flying radio-controlled helicopters, and everyone already knows that I am obsessed with my cat, Frederica Krueger, so I decided to combine the two in a video. I actually own four RC helicopters, from the tiny Eflite Blade mCX coaxial 4-channel model shown in the video, to a much larger Esky Honeybee CP2 6-channel machine with variable pitch main rotor which makes it capable of advanced aerobatics including inverted flight. But this tiny Blade mCX is my favorite because it is a true technological marvel of electronics, materials science, mechanics, and aerodynamics.

Of course, I spend more time repairing and maintaining the helicopters than flying them! If you decide to buy an RC helicopter, have a look at this guide, and know that it takes quite a while to learn to fly them. I was overconfident, bought an advanced model first, crashed and broke it into two in the first minutes (seconds, really) of flight, and then read (too late!) that that is the fate of more than 50% of RC helicopters once they come out of their box for the first time! (I ordered spare parts and managed to repair it with the help of my friend Georg who owns things like a soldering iron and a drill, but it took most of a day. By the way, I myself own only one tool, a Swiss Army knife, but it is this one!)

The scene at the end is the view of the mountain Plose, and the Eisack river, from my apartment in Brixen. And also as you can see at the end, Freddy is quite bored by the whole thing. By the way, I was cooking and then flying the helicopter quickly while my rice came to a boil (and I had a willing camera-woman available), that is why I am wearing an apron in part of the video. 🙂