Sunday Poem

In a Dream Sometime Ago I Was a Woman

In a dream some time ago I was a woman
To the left of the road leading out of Jerusalem
At the end of a miraculous bypath
Between cornfields
Behind barbed-wire
I climbed onto a stage
In a square near a church
Whose entire facade
Was crammed with statues
I undressed
And stood with wonderful tits
In front of me was a microphone
But I didn’t have to say a thing
I leaped with joy
And the world leaped with joy
The world undressed and danced
Men and women
Each dance different
Some exposed
The statues came to life
The square is filled with people
[One can holler with pleasure]

by Zali Gurevitch
from Days
publisher: Am Oved, Tel Aviv, 2002

© Translation: 2002, Zali Gurevitch with Peter Cole and Gabriel Levin
from Cultural Studies: Critical Methodologies Vol. 2 (2002)

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