THE PEOPLE v. BUSH & Company

H. P. Albarelli Jr in News From the Underground:

ScreenHunter_02 May. 07 15.32 That small group of people in the United States attuned to the ever-evolving sounds and gyrations coming out of both Washington, D.C. and the country’s heartland are becoming keenly aware that something new is amidst the land of the free and brave. Of late, there is a new elemental sense at play across the country. Occasionally, through the billowing dust of social and economic turmoil and misery there is spotted a rough beast of sorts plodding across the landscape toward the general populace; a previously unseen harbinger of forthright principles and convictions strongly laced with courage and perseverance. Last week, master political observer and analyst Brent Budowsky remarked on the same when he wrote, “The battle in truth has only begun. On many of our great issues we stand with the center of America. Our numbers are huge, our potential is unlimited.” Budowsky is spot on.

With a little bit of luck, maybe, just maybe, a woman named Charlotte Dennett may end up riding the crest of the approaching wave of conviction that may push an old and new generation of fed-up Americans toward affecting real change across the nation. Who is Dennett? And what is her message in these times of mixed-messages and all around turmoil?

The best answers to these questions, and more, can de discovered in a new book intriguingly entitled, The People v. Bush. The book is the remarkable story, told in her own words, of attorney Charlotte Dennett’s fight to bring President George W. Bush to justice for his crimes while in office and the “national grassroots movement” she encountered along the way.

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