Save A Mother in Uttar Pradesh, India

UPDATE May 7, 2010: Last chance to give a little bit to this worthwhile charity! Please do. I did.

We at 3 Quarks are proud that our own Dr. Shiban Ganju does so much more than write brilliant essays for us. I will let 3QD friend Ruchira Paul explain what I am talking about, as she is directcly involved with Shiban's work. This is Ruchira in her own blog, Accidental Blogger:

The Indian or Indian American charities that I support are usually small, and their sponsors are often people that friends, family members or I myself know and admire. Recently I became involved with Save A Mother, a foundation that does most of its fundraising in the US to benefit rural outreach programs in India that promote, facilitate and raise awareness of maternal health care.

ScreenHunter_04 Apr. 27 11.35 The organization was founded and is spearheaded by Dr. Shiban Ganju, a gastroenterologist in Chicago. Dr. Ganju and I first became acquainted through my frequent comments on 3 Quarks Daily where he is a guest columnist. A few months ago he invited me to join Save A Mother as a volunteer. After a couple of meetings with Dr. Ganju and his sister Veena Kaul who heads the Houston chapter of the charity, during which they educated me about the structure and the operational methods of the foundation, I agreed. I am impressed by the ambitious objectives of the program and the simple solutions it offers for a problem which affects a vast number of poor women in India. Here they are in a nutshell:

India Development Service (IDS) Save-A-Mother project aims to minimize suffering and death associated with pregnancy and child birth. We have been working in partnership with local NGOs in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, which has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. Many other regions in India and rest of the world are in a similar situation where this program can be replicated.

Every day, over 160 women die in India from pregnancy and complications of child birth.

Save-A-Mother programs educate women about pregnancy, nutrition, immunization, delivery and care of the child. Save-A-Mother has a complementary benefit in saving the child also.

Our Objectives

1. Decrease maternal mortality by 50% in Sultanpur in 5 years. (Pilot Project)
Replicate this model to two more districts in 2 more years and institutionalise the program.
Replicate the program to vulnerable districts where mortality exceeds the national average.
Partner with NGOs in other high MMR countries

More here. We have also placed the ChipIn widget below in the right-hand column to help raise funds for Shiban and Ruchira's organization (it is just below the BlogAds). Please give generously to this worthwhile charity if you can. Thank you.