Tuesday Poem

Stuck in the Mind

in the common parlance
stuck in the mind
means a fixation
on a single unmoving object

stuck in the mind
can be represented
by a powerful peasant
in a furry winter coat
appearing in the midst
of objects all too mobile
he steams like a horse
has a thick oaken eye
—easy to have something
stick in the mind all it takes
is a moment of inattention
but to get it out is harder
another thing altogether
big inept stuck-in-the-mind
simply stands cap in hand
panting like a stable of studs
—not clear how to address it
“Sir” would be too much
“beat it Jack” —would be
too familiar
so stuck means stuck
stocky and apathetic
a medium quake might help
say 4.6 on the Richter scale
but no way glorious weather
he's like a rock
a general sense of fatal
stuck in the mind
a whale of a guy

by Zbigniew Herbert
from Poetry Magazine, Jan. 2007