Mapping New York

From The Guardian:

Mapping-New-York-015 In Mapping New York, a new volume from Black Dog Publishing, the history of the city, its streets, services and social workings, is traced through the maps that have been made of it. Take a look at some of the most revealing and fascinating specimens here:

Here & There—A Horizonless Projection in Manhattan. Berg, 2009 A project by Jack Schulze and Matt Webb concerning “speculative projections” of Manhattan's dense urban space. The city seems to curve vertically away from the observer, skewing relative distances. Major streets are picked out in yellow, notable buildings in gold and parks in green; the labelling seems to float at the forefront of the image at first, but transforms to a standard map as the image flattens out with the gradient.

More here. (Note: All fifteen pictures are a “must see” for New Yorkers and Wannabe New Yorkers!)