This race is not decided

Hi there, Asad Raza here.  Most people assume this election is already a done deal–this is simply not so.  Turnout will be determinative, especially during an election when many voters will be tempted to stay home, thinking the race is decided.  The party that does the better job of getting its supporters to the polls will win.

So, do some kind of civic service on U.S. Election Day this coming Tuesday. Even better, volunteer over the weekend as well.  One reason: if everyone in the U.S.A. voted, our political discourse would be very different.  No matter where you are, it is possible to do something to support the candidate of your choice.  Talk with undecided voters, help the infirm to get their polling location, encourage people who have to work and then stand in a line for four hours at the polls. If you are homebound, go to your preferred candidate’s website and download lists of people you can call and help.

Excitement about this election is running high.  Here’s an email a New York man named Conor Creaney sent to roust his acquaintances into action:

Esteemed Friend,

You know that the day will come when your doe-eyed offspring will gaze up at you and ask “Parent, what did YOU do the weekend before the 2008 election that could have changed the world?” Ponder for a moment how hard it will be to look the little one in the eye and say “I regrouted the tiles in the shower” or “I went to a really fascinating Maya Deren retrospective at Film Forum”. That will be the moment you wave goodbye to your moral authority, and the moment your child realizes that she is aboard a rudderless ship and has carte blanche to defy and mock you at will. Your future as a moral being is at stake here, and there is only one option (I call it an “option” but we both know that choice is an illusion here): COME TO PHILADELPHIA THIS WEEKEND AND VOLUNTEER FOR THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN.

We are going there. We can provide transport, accommodation (nothing fancy, but it will be free), and we will put you in the hands of Sidra Campbell, Obama’s South Philly Out-of State Volunteer Co-ordinator, a woman of formidable organizational skills. She will put you to work out of Obama’s office on S.15th and Christian.  Your energy and charisma will not be wasted.

PA is still in play electorally, McCain is pouring money and time into it.  Sarah Palin is there right now, searing her message into the minds of these goodhearted people.

If you can’t make it for the whole weekend, you come down on the bus for a day. 

So get in touch (conor.creaney at gmail), and let’s fix this.


A Concerned Citizen

I think Mr. Creaney has the correct attitude.  Please consider joining him or someone like him.  Thank you, and have a nice day!