Friday Poem

-another excerpt from
Under Milk Wood

Dylan Thomas

Oh there’s a face!
Where you get that hair from?
Got it from and old tom cat.
Give it back then, Love.
Oh, there’s a perm!

Where you get that nose from, Lily?
Got it from my father, silly.
You’ve got it on upside down!
Oh, there’s a conk!

Look at your complexion!
Oh no, you look.
Needs a bit of makeup.
Needs a veil.
Oh, there’s glamour!

Where you get that smile, Lil?
Never you mind, girl.
Nobody loves you.
That’s what you think.

Who is it loves you?
Shan’t tell.
Come on Lily.
Cross your heart, then?
Cross my heart.

And very softly, her lips almost touching her reflection,
she breathes the name and clouds the shaving glass.