The New York city of Saratoga Springs will glow with the light and warmth of Rumi’s Spirit as Image_rumi_dervish3_2lovers of his writing are inspired when they gather to read,  hear, and veiw on film the sacred substance of his insightful poetry. This festival will move across the weekend and throught the town in a circular turning fashion just as the sufi dervishes who follow Rumi have always whirled in
spiritual ecastasy.

The spirit of Rumi has remained alive and timely for nearly 800 years and never more so than in today’s troubled times.

Many people whose lives turn
naturally around Saratoga already live by the example of this universal poet and lover of God. Don’t miss this chance to rekindle the spark of Rumi in your soul.

Join us for this turn through Saratoga!

More here about Saratoga Springs’ Rumi Festival, this weekend 
Saturday Poem: The Guest House, by Jelaluddin Rumi