Bella Abzug: An Oral History

From The Boston Globe:

Azbug No one, it seems, ever had a tepid reaction to Bella Abzug.

Amy Swerdlow, who worked with her, said, “I learned a lot from Bella. I don’t think Bella would ever think she ever learned anything from anybody.” Edward Kennedy, one of her admirers, said, “She stirred the House in such a way to push her view, irritate, antagonize, cajole, persuade, inspire, and lead.” Geraldine Ferraro, on Bella as a role model for women, said, “She didn’t knock lightly on the door. She didn’t even push it open or batter it down. She took it off the hinges forever! So that those of us who came after could walk through.”

The portrait that emerges from the many voices gathered here is of a fearless, brilliant, dynamic, charismatic, assertive, abrasive, impatient woman. While she annoyed many people, she also inspired many and advanced the causes she believed in: world peace, Zionism, social justice, equality for women, environmental awareness, and economic equality.

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