Photographic photosynthesis

From Arts Admin:

Largeimage Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey have been collaborating together since 1990. It was during their formative study years that both artists, independent of knowing each other, began to introduce the living element of grass into their work. The time-based medium provided a compelling relationship between performance and sculpture in Heather’s early work and within Dan’s practice, grass became incorporated into a developing body of work to do with transience, alchemy and decay. In 1989 Heather and Dan met for the first time and a shared imagining of an interior ‘growing’ space reached fruition the following year. Their first collaborative project The Other Side activated an intense and productive artistic relationship that has subsequently led to exhibitions and commissions worldwide.

Flytower_2 … Ackroyd & Harvey have created their most ambitious public artwork, FlyTower, on the National Theatre’s Lyttleton flytower. FlyTower sees the artists working directly on the exterior of one of London’s landmarks, transforming this iconic building into a living artwork of massive proportions.

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Thanks to Brad Carlile for pointing out this work.