Slam Dancing for Allah

From Newsweek:

Muslimpunk_bbox_2 June 11, 2007 issue – It’s near midnight in a small Fairfax, Va., bar, and Omar Waqar stands on a makeshift stage, brooding in a black tunic and brown cap. He stops playing his electric guitar long enough to survey the crowd—an odd mix of local punks and collared preps—before screaming into the microphone: “Stop the hate! Stop the hate!” Stopping hate is a fairly easy concept to get behind at a punk-rock show, and the crowd yells and pumps its fists right on cue. But it’s safe to say that Waqar and his band, Diacritical, aren’t shouting about the same kind of hate as the audience. Waqar wants to stop the kind that made people call him “sand flea” as a kid and throw rocks through the windows of the Islamic bookstore he worked at on 9/11. Waqar, 26, the son of a Pakistani immigrant, is a Muslim—a punk-rock Muslim.

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