Woodward vs. Tenet

From The New Yorker:Tenet

For Tenet, the more painful criticism has come from someone who once appeared to view him with respect—Bob Woodward, perhaps Washington’s most influential reporter and the author of three best-sellers about the Administration’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Tenet acknowledges in his book that he has helped Woodward, and the two were known to be friendly. In fact, Tenet met with Woodward before writing his memoir, in order to seek Woodward’s advice. In the book-review section of the Post on May 6th, Woodward called Tenet’s account a “remarkable, important and often unintentionally damning” book. He accused Tenet of being “all over the lot” in his explanations of the slam-dunk comment, and, more significant, chastised Tenet for misunderstanding the relationship between C.I.A. directors and the Presidents they serve. Tenet, Woodward wrote, was “hampered by a bureaucrat’s view of the world, hobbled by the traditional chain of command, convinced that the CIA director’s ‘most important relationship with any administration official is generally with the national security adviser.’ ” Woodward then wrote, in a distinctly parental tone, “No. Your most important relationship is with the president.”

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