Professor Hwang-doodle

Joan O’C. Hamilton in Stanford Magazine:

Google2 Every Stanford dorm seems to have that creative, go-to person. The felt-pen caricaturist who embellishes the hallway white board . . . the infuriatingly smart kid who cuts class to make posters for Big Game and still aces the midterm . . . the only one you’d trust to design the T-shirt.

“I was that guy,” Dennis Hwang, ’01, says with a grin. And in a near-perfect—not to mention lucrative—pairing of right and left brain (he graduated with a degree in art and a minor in computer science), Hwang is still that guy. Webmaster manager for the search engine powerhouse Google, Hwang is the “Google doodler”—the cartoonist who embellishes the firm’s wide-eyed typographic logo. With tens of millions of people viewing Google’s home page daily, the guy who used to design Burbank and Cardenal’s dorm shirts is, in CNN ’s words, “the most famous unknown artist in the world.”

Here are some wonderful Hwang-Google-doodles:

Braille_2 Louis Braille’s Birthday
January 4, 2006


Leonardo’s Birthday
April 15, 2005

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