Indian Film With Roots So Deep That It Defies Borders

From The New York Times:


Win or lose at the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, one contender — Deepa Mehta’s “Water,” a nominee for best foreign-language film — will already have scored its greatest triumph simply by existing. “Water” has been sold in 57 countries and released in 25, with close to $14 million in worldwide ticket sales. It is finally scheduled to open theatrically in India on March 9.

“It’s not simply an issue film,” said the novelist Salman Rushdie, who has championed “Water” since its inception. “What makes the film work is the insight into the characters and the psychological impact of the characters.”

Lisa Ray, the actress who said she wept unabashedly after first reading the script and who played one of the lead roles, was at her parents’ home in Toronto when she heard the news. “It was a genuine out-of-body experience,” she said of her reaction.

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