The New Einstein

From The Edge:

Smolin150 Discover Magazine had run a cover story proclaiming Smolin “The New Einstein”. It may have impressed the general reader, but not mainstream physicists. As cosmologist Alan Guth, father of the inflationary theory of the Universe, noted in The Third Culture:

“The relativity physicists belong to a small club. It’s a club that has yet to convince the majority of the community that the approach they’re pursuing is the right one. Certainly Smolin is welcome to come and give seminars, and at major conferences he and his colleagues are invited to speak. The physics community is interested in hearing what they have to say. But the majority looks to the superstring approach to answer essentially the same questions.”

Also weighing in was particle physicist and Nobel Laureate Murray Gell-Mann:

“Smolin? Oh, is he that young guy with those crazy ideas? He may not be wrong!”

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