The Churning Mind Of Deepa Mehta

From The Washington Post:Deepa

Deepa Mehta, the Indian-born writer and film director, vividly remembers what it was like to receive death threats and be burned in effigy. “Your throat’s always dry,” she says not altogether coolly, even six years after the fact. “Your fists are always clenched, and your teeth are clenched, because your body’s getting ready to fight something.” What Mehta was fighting in the holy city of Varanasi were Hindu fundamentalists who thought that her film “Water” — which Mehta and her crew had barely begun to shoot on the stone steps into the Ganges — would surely insult their faith. (The film opens here Friday.)

“I’m telling you,” Mehta says with a deep, smoky laugh, “India’s very confusing.”

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