pulls eyes over the wool


On Saturday, the town of Skarsterlan began fining Hotels.nl 1,000 euros a day for putting branded blankets on sheep. Advertising on livestock violates the town’s ban on advertising along the highways.

“My first reaction was a smile; it is very creative,” said Bert Kuiper, the town’s mayor. “My second reaction is that we have to stop this. If we start with sheep, then next it’s the cows and horses.”

Hotels.nl said that it would pay the fines, but that it planned to fight the ban in court. Since the advertising strategy started, sales by Hotels.nl have been up 15 percent, and so have visits to the company’s Web site, said Miechel Nagel, chief executive of Hotels.nl, a four-year-old company based in Groningen. He plans to increase the number of sheep sporting the company’s logo and is searching for locations where there are frequent traffic jams.

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