15 Park Avenue

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Aparna Sen’s movie ‘15 Park Avenue’ is a touching film with a sensitive subject. “15 Park Avenue” is the address that exists only in the mind of a young schizophrenic girl Mithali. It is on this address her imaginary husband and children live. It is a film that will appeal to selected audience, not the masses. The movie is slow paced and the culmination to the story is open-ended. But it’s a beautiful effort.

It tells the tale of Mithali (Konkana Sen) and her elder sister Anjali (Shabana Azmi). Mithi suffers from schizophrenia. She lives in a delusional world that she conjures up in her imaginations. A part of Mithi’s imaginary world is her husband Jojo and her children who live at 15 Park Avenue. She is searching for the address, but can’t find it anywhere.Mithi was not like this always. Once she was a vibrant girl and worked as a journalist. She was engaged to Joydeep Roy (Rahul Bose), whom she lovingly called ‘Jojo’. During one of her assignments, she was gang-raped by a number of goons. Since then, her dormant schizophrenia became a full-blown malady. Mithi’s mental condition became so far removed from reality that even Joydeep had to turn his back to her. Joydeep is deeply shaken when he sees Mithi’s condition. He decides to help her find ‘15 Park Avenue’.

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