A religious plot

From The Age:

Narnia_article_wideweb__470x3100If anyone still requires proof of the gulf of difference between the US and everywhere else, look no further than the current storm-in-a-cappuccino about The Chronicles of Narnia.

For weeks, it seems, there have been spats in the papers about C.S. Lewis’ classic children’s fantasy series, the first instalment of which has just been adapted as a lush blockbuster by Andrew Adamson, who directed the Shrek films, for Disney. The storm is over religion. C.S. Lewis had it; the Americans have a lot of it; the rest of us don’t, supposedly, or at least we don’t like to put a hat on it and give it a ticker-tape parade.

In America, Disney has been pushing Lewis’ story to Christian fundamentalists, offering churches free screenings and shops a choice of soundtracks, one with pop music and one with “Christian songs”, whatever they might be.

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